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I started doing freelancing since 2011 at that time there were very less tools to manage and organise. I hate following mail chain, check Skype messages, text messages and calling. Good news is we are in 2018 and now we have lots of tools to organise, manage time and generate invoices. These are some of the tools which, I have been using lately and I absolutely love them.



Its free! Simple to use project management app. I use this app daily. It’s extremely simple to use. You don’t need to be very technical to use this app. You can download the mobile app or use web platform. This app helps you to manage your task. Create boards like TO-DO, DOING and DONE. Switch the cards from one board to another as per its current status. This way you can manage the task status and team member can check status anytime and know what everyone is working on,

Cool features

  • Create cards for boards
  • Drag and drop card from one board to another
  • Add due date.
  • Add Labels and checklist.
  • Add members to board and they will get notified by email.
  • If you use chrome browser, download scrum for trello extension. This extension enables you to add time for particular task.
  • You can even connect trello with Slack but you need to upgrade to business account.

Go asynchronous, helps when team members works in different timezones. I personally plan my whole life on trello.



Simple time management app. Download on mobile and desktop or simply use web app. This app is free to use but limits till 4 users. If you wish to add more than 4 users you need to pay heavy price. Toggl pro for 5 users cost around $270 annually.


  • Create workspace and projects
  • Create team add clients in projects.
  • Time travel, manually change history.
  • Check reports by weekly and monthly.
  • Download simple toggl chrome extension and you will see the red button everywhere. On trello, google docs, google sheet and so on.
  • Add task details or create task for team member. Select project and start the button. Going for tea break pause it 🙂

My personal take on time management is, its extremely important, don’t consider this as annoying micro management. Yes its micro management but in healthy way. This way you can compare how much time your investing in the particular task. After all time is money.



This platform enables you to send proposal. For young startups who are multitasking and doing all the work from marketing to business development to cleaning the office. This app will save your time, specially if the team is very technical and want to spend less time in account and management. Prospero helps to create beautiful proposal.


  • Create proposals.
  • Add Client details.
  • Add milestones
  • Add details like skills and vision.
  • Get notified when client open the proposal. (So at least now you know they opened it and never replied, happens.)
  • Add fees as per features.
  • They have some pre-populated fields for type of work. i.e, if your providing web development service. Under web development you will find features/task  like creating html/css and so on.

It’s important how you create proposal, it should well defined and need to have all the required information. It looks really unprofessional to send the proposal in mail body. This is extremely simple tool to create professional looking proposal.



Invision is very popular and powerful prototyping platform. You can use web app to create design and flow of app. Invison allows to add user and work collaboratively.


  • Seamless design communication.
  • Create context around your projects with Boards—flexible spaces to store, share, and talk about design ideas.
  • Design driven project management.
  • Version control and sync all files
  • Collaborate with Dropbox, Google drive, Slack, basecamp, Trello, JIRA, Hipchat.

Invison provide realtime presentation of your design. It’s best platform to show case your ideas to investors if your app is still under development.



Zapier is an automation tool that lets you create workflows between your various apps and services. It lets you connect to more than 500 apps. In scenarios where you have to work with multiple clients on multiple projects, with multiple email ids. It becomes difficult to keep track of all notification. Zapier allows you to connect multiple apps. You need to select the Trigger app and action app. I will be writing more on how to connect different apps in my next blog How to connect apps using Zapier.


  • Connect apps like slack, github and gmail.
  • Easy automation for real time notifications.
  • Zapier is a web automation app. With Zapier you can build Zaps which can automate parts of your business or life.
  • Zaps are very lightweight and very easy to setup.

I hope this blog helps you and provide you with gist on how to use them. Please subscribe to my blog, I will be writing more about tools, iOS development, user experience and more. Let me know which tool you use in comment section.

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