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Considerding last 6 years in the field of web development one can easily say a lot has been changed in a very short time. Starting from old web apps where jQuery usually did all the magic for you to the current era where you talk about state management, datastore, web components, modularity, architecture and many other terms.

We believe the force behind such a change is obviously the growing market. The urge to bring all the information on your finger tips is what driving this industry at a very fast pace. On the other hand in last 10 years we have seen a spike in the no. of mobile users. Hence along with the desktop clients now we also have a big segment of mobile clients to serve.Statistically speaking the internet penetration is still 50% out of the total world population. Which means there are another 50% out there waiting to login to internet. But without a doubt we can make a fair assumption that for next many years we have to keep building applications for people with limited internet speed and mobile devices

  • Laptops and desktops
  • Mobile Phones
  • Tablet Devices
  • Other Devices

On the other hand we have a boom in cloud applications. Every enterprise in the world is taking a leap of faith by moving their data towards cloud which is yet another reason for pushing the web technologies to its full potential. So far the transition has been good and we are seeing stability in terms of data security and integrity. Also, the biggest technical reason why enterprise wants to move to web is because of its reach. Hence more no. of enterprise users. For e.g. a lot of offline processes are being converted into online processes and data is being stored on cloud instead of papers. This brings out a particular need of having a better interface. The app becomes a tool for the users. Here is where we would like to draw an opinion:

Productivity of users depends on the User Experience and the Design of the application.

how we do it

Better UX

No confusion in front of the user while using the application. Clean and speedy interface.


Requirements change, users increase. Hence the architecture should have a solid foundation which can easily plug in and out new changes in the application

Code Readability And Maintenance

Building web applications is a team work. Its necessary to follow proper conventions which will make the whole codebase looks like developed by a single developer. Thus, easy to maintain


Not just manual testing but writing test cases decreases the probability of bugs by 60% – 70% in the application. Properly written test cases make sure you are not pushing any code that would break anything.


Cache long lived, less-likely-to-be-changed resources. Use CDN to deliver parts of the app in less time. This has a huge effect on website loading time and improves the UX of the application

Progressive Enhancement

Use of technologies like Google AMP to build amazing PWA(Progressive Web Apps) which gives offline abilities, great UI, fast browsing etc. This feature becomes crucial for mobile web applications where the device is short on storage and internet speed.

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