Testing And QA


Testing And QA

Every piece of software needs to be tested. After spending days and months on implementing various features, before releasing to production most of the IT companies have a team of testers who test the application in every scenario to make sure nothing breaks before going live.  In most cases testing is scheduled after, lets say, version release and for some its a less preferred process where in only few cases are covered and app is pushed in a rush.

Manual testing requires a lot of resources working on the machine doing same thing multiple times to make sure software components are working as expected. However these things can be automated and we can easily see a reduction upto 50% – 60%.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.” Benjamin Franklin

What we can offer

We like to automate things. Automated End to End testing is like a piece of software running your application as a human would do. This tests the functionality from a user’s point of view. Following are the various technologies we use for Automated Testing:

  • Selenium
  • Jasimin, Karma and Protractor for Angular Applications
  • AirBnB’s Enzyme for ReactJS Applications
  • Selendroid and Android UI testing
  • UI Automation for iOS

With the arrival of multiple players in the mobile market, there are bunch of devices with their sets of issues. For example take android devices. Android devices have some custom changes in their core Operating System. Also there are bunch of other factors which makes these devices to cause problems when we go live.

We understand the diversity in these devices and hence we use our experience and expertise while testing the application in all the types of devices. Some of the core scenarios we focus on are:

  • Offline/Online mode testing
  • Testing integration with various hardware modules such as GPS, Bluetooth, Camera etc.
  • Memory consumption, battery usage checks.
  • Cross platform compatibility testing
  • Mobile browser testing
  • Bandwidth throttling, test in GPRS, 2G, 3G, 4G etc

As software developers we have to make sure no bad code goes into our codebase. To ensure this we can wire some importance integration tools along with your testing frameworks which helps us to locate bugs as early as possible.

At Cyphertree we configure every project with Automated test cases which can run before every app deployment. This way just before deploying any app we can run our test cases to see if all the features are working as expected. We use tools like

  • Jenkins
  • TravisCI
  • Wercker

to enhance your deployment setup.

Even after a lot of automated testing end of the day you still require a human to intervene and test few things like security, compliance, performance etc. to  make sure the app works without any hurdles.

At Cyphertree, our QA/QE experts can take care of functional testing, cross-browser testing, sanity testing, UI testing, DB testing, E2E testing and more. We focus is completely towards the quality enhancement of the product.


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