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Cyphertree team has been our front end partner from last 2 years. We are really happy to be associated with such a great team. Its amazing to see this young team working smartly and providing timely deliverables.

Ravdeep Sawhney
Vice President, Technology, Crowdstaffing

Planning is an important part of any application development. Unfortunately, In most of today’s application projects, since the project owner is not informed, there is little effort put in on this phase of the project.

Below are some of the typical outcomes of not having this phase done correctly:

  • The development team can end up building the application based on their interpretation of the project requirements if they are not outlined clearly from the start. If the client changes the direction of the project requirements during development, or explains that they meant to have described it differently, can create a cost and time increase, because it is much more time-consuming to refactor the code to accommodate the revised project requirements, compared to building it correctly from the ground up.
  • The project owner ends up with code and/or design that does not meet his/her project requirements and after spending hundreds of hours and investing thousands of dollars, the project owner may end up having to throw away the project code and start over.
  • If there is a way to refactor the code to meet the correct project requirements, the code may be buggy, less maintainable and more tedious to work on.

How we do it

Requirements analysis is the first stage in the systems engineering process and software development process. Requirements analysis in systems engineering and software engineering, encompasses those tasks that go into determining the needs or conditions to meet for a new or altered product, taking account of the possibly conflicting requirements of the various stakeholders, such as beneficiaries or users. Requirements analysis is critical to the success of a development project.

Requirements are actionable, measurable, testable, related to identified business needs or opportunities, and defined to a level of detail sufficient for system design. Requirements can be functional and non-functional.


Conceptually, requirements analysis includes three types of activity:

  • Eliciting requirements: the task of communicating with customers and users to determine what their requirements are. This is sometimes also called requirements gathering.
  • Analyzing requirements: determining whether the stated requirements are unclear, incomplete, ambiguous, or contradictory, and then resolving these issues.
  • Recording requirements: Requirements might be documented in various forms, such as natural-language documents, use cases, user stories, or process specifications.
  • Tools like JIRA, GIT, Trello, Asana are use to break the stories in task.

Estimation is no game. It requires years of experience to present right estimation which meet the deadline and do not exceed or miss it. At Cyphertree our experts have worked on large projects which comprise more than 50 team member. Estimation and task delegation is skill. Our vast estimating experience can help to meet the product deadline.We have refined our estimating process over many years. Although this is not an exact science, we believe our process works well. We thrive to provide budget friendly estimation.

Estimations are broke down into efforts in terms of cost and money. Each task is assigned complexity level such as simple, intermediate, complex and so on.

Following are some estimation categories

  • Wire Framing Estimation
  • Design Estimation
  • Development Estimation
  • Testing Estimation
  • Pre – Launch Estimations
  • Milestone Based Estimations
  • Documenting and Code Maintenance Estimations.

Client usually ask how much time and money will it take to make app like UBER?

This is kind of estimations are tough to give. Usually these adhoc requirement estimations are made by applying past experience in working for similar kind of service or by spending 10 – 20 hrs to come up with proposal with break down of list of services. Usually this can take more than 20hrs but our immense experience helps us to come with estimation within given time period.

Milestones are a great way to show product release dates on the roadmap. Tools like Trello and JIRA helps to create milestone into different lane of development. Milestone is created with detailed breakdown of task. These task are aligned in TO-DO list. Tools like Trello help to show the journey asynchronously. Daily updates are provided with log of changes in stories and task. This helps to visualize the entire process and provide ease for both developers and product owners.


While designing the page or screen of product, each screen are attached and converted into stories. These storyboard help to visualize the entire flow of the product. Storyboarding process enables to find out reusable components. At Cyphertree we constantly keep our code modular and independent. This removes dependency and enables to maintain robous code with less of legacy issues.

At Cyphertree we believe in reusable components – recycle, reuse.

Each stories revisions are maintained with help of GIT and Bitbucket. Each Milestone task are converted into feature branch. Feature branch are merged into working branch after quality check, code review and after passing the acceptance criteria from the testing team.

Each Milestones are incremental steps in product development journey.

The below chart applies to a mobile app development project. There are different development platforms for building mobile apps and that can greatly affect the project cost.

The phrase: “You get what you pay” does greatly apply to building mobile apps. That is why you can find so many apps on the app store with a one-star rating; this is because the app is not built correctly, it is not user friendly and it crashes.

Also, there are so many devices and resolutions on mobile apps, so it will take a substantial amount of hours to do quality assurance work on app projects to make sure it operates correctly and looks good on all devices and resolutions.

Also, it is important to know that building mobile apps are not like building web applications – they are much more complex and time consuming to develop. Especially, building apps that are refined and professionally developed will require a substantial amount of hours.

There are different approach to mobile app development. You can go native or hybrid approach. Native always scored better in terms of performance. Hybrid approach is getting better day by day. The frameworks are getting strong to provide native like performance. Hybrid approach is budget friendly but can be upsetting if you are quality person. For more please read our mobile development section.

Ball-park Cost Breakdown for Native App Development: Android & iPhone

We created the below chart to provide you information on the average cost of a web application project, so if your budget does not fit our proposed cost, you would not need to spend additional time or money for this phase of the project.

In the application development industry, “you get what you pay for” usually holds true; some companies develop an application using inexperienced,  or take shortcuts in order to cut the cost, or use “out-of-the-box”, “one-size-fits-all” CMS software and try to customize it, which in the end, you may end up with buggy, unusable code that is very tedious to maintain.

The advantages of our application development is that we have experience building custom applications; we have an in-house team that has years of experience in building web applications and we have quality assurance procedures in place, in order to deliver a quality product.

Ball-park Cost Breakdown for Web Application Development Project (Not Mobile App)

Training is empowering. Enterprise app with complex structure requires training and lot of documentation. Cyphertree provide on field training assistance. This helps faster training and more feedback on the application. At a time Client decide to transfer the ownership of the project to other department. This process requires lot of knowledge transfer and training at Cyphertree we provide 100% knowledge transfer and smooth transitions.

Our experienced and trained on field assistant helps in delivering the idea and purpose of the app. This assistant take help from interpreter in order to achieve 100% internationalization.

There have been some who have suggested that documentation is not important – The Documentation Dilemma. The proposes that the act of documentation and creation of project artifacts is a symptom of a bottleneck in the value chain. The author implies the documentation process can slow down the creative process to the point where you either:

Produce design ideas at the pace of development, or Freeze ideas in the form of documents, diagrams, and requirements until they are ready to go later on in the process.

We think this is an oversimplification of documentation, and when, where, and why it’s important to a project.

This tendency to assume documentation is a waste of time greatly devalues the importance of clarifying important issues and goals in writing.

You can’t replace good old fashioned brainstorming, and the results of that kind of thinking must be successfully documented.

Documents can be exciting, inspiring, and creative forms of expression. Documents can be “living” data, intended to be evolving road maps that can empower a client team long after the vendor has left and the project deliverables have been handed over. Documents are often the foundations that survive the longest and inform the next iteration of thinking.

How to Document?

  • Creating simple MarkDown
  • Documentation hosting option using GIT, Mercurial and SVN.
  • PDF generation and brochures.
  • Syncing documents on DropBox, Google Drive.
  • Atlassian rest API web browser

These are our few tools and approach to document the product metrics. design and API.

Industries we serve



Mobile has changed the retail experience. Customer can get more personalize experience through technologies like augmented and virtual reality. Retail solutions like QR code generation, POS setup, Virtual store tour. Offer updates, coupon code generation, Loyalty information, feedback and review have becomes more simple and easy to access through mobile.

Mobile app for your retail chain can help you completely transform the in-store experience and increase sales. Many retailers are also opting for mobile apps to manage inventory and equip their staff with better tools to improve their productivity.

Our Solutions

  • Customer engagement platform.
  • Loyalty program
  • POS integration
  • Inventory management
  • QR code generation
  • Offer and coupon code generation
  • Interactive in – store visual experience
  • Review and Rating system
  • Influencer engagement and event mangement.
  • Cloud base solutions.

Our team can help provide you best solution. We have worked with giant like Groupon, Upside Commerce for providing offer solutions. We have built in – house POS solution which is simple to integrate and easy to migrate existing data to cloud.

Recruitment Firm


Recruitment is a defining activity for both, companies as well as, candidates. For companies, it sets the pace and creates the operational horsepower for growth. For individuals, it defines the quality of life.

We have worked giant like Crowdstaffing for providing software solutions. Please read our case study here.

Our Solutions

  • Recruiting platform.
  • End to end solutions for recruitment.
  • Job portal for candidates.
  • Mobile app solution.
  • Web application development.
  • Candidate screening solution.

At Cyphertree we are thriving to provide you solutions so that you can focus on your business and leave the hard work to us.

E – Learning & Educational Institute


Our Custom eLearning Solutions are a result of careful considerations, deep understanding of your requirements, budget and timelines, and are based on solid instructional design methodologies, and graphic and media design principles.

Our professional have more than 8 years of experience service education industries by providing quick and easy learning platforms. We have worked with Dutch based company Social schools to create mobile app which connects Schools, student and parents. Our professionals have previously worked for e-learning companies and created iPad app likes Kurz der Kicker in 2010 which is interactive digital books for kids.

Our e – learning solutions

  • Training platforms.
  • Storyboard designing.
  • Mobile Learning.
  • Curated solutions for NGO’s & Girl child empowerment.
  • IVR based Learning.
  • Game based Learning.

At Cyphertree we thrive to contribute for better education system. We believe in creating simple and effective education solutions which can reach to millions and help them learning to achieve merits.

Fitness & Health Care


At Cyphertree we have been active contributor to health care and fitness industries to provide mobile and web based application solution. Our professional have previously worked on applications like Enki – ehr which enables doctor to maintain electronic hand records of patient.

We have closely followed HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is United States legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Our professionals have certification in U.S health care and benefits.

Our health care and Fitness solutions

  • Fitness tracking solutions
  • Cloud based solutions
  • Wearable solutions
  • Healthcare analytics.
  • Oracle integration cloud service.
  • Connecting wireless devices with mobile.
  • Healthkit framework integration for iOS.

E – Commerce Industries


Indian retail consumer spending jumping to $750 billion, growth in Internet penetration at about 40% and increased investor interest in the sector in 2016, India’s ecommerce industry grew at a meagre 12%, a feat that has left many stakeholders scratching their heads.

While the industry grew at 180% to become a $13 billion sector in 2015, it grew at a meagre 12% in 2016 to clock $14.5 billion.

Cyphertree is active e-commerce solution provider. Our professional can setup online store within few hours of time. We have online store templates which are ready to use with user interface to manage inventory.

Our solutions

  • Scalable all in one solution
  • Mobile app solution
  • Store designing
  • Web hosting
  • Marketing and SEO
  • Analytics and customer insights.
  • WordPress development.
  • Shopify and Magento assistance.
  • WooCommerce with wordpress.

Media & Entertainment


At Cyphertree, we harness the creativity, diversity and imagination of entertainment industry. We ensure the technology we create and enhance continually sets industry standards and drives innovation across the content value chain. Cyphertree professionals have previously worked for Big Entertainment and Times group for mobile app solutions.

Our Solutions

  • Audio/Video streaming service.
  • Interactive and game based service.
  • Audio transcript.
  • Mobile soultions.
  • Website and Content creation.
  • Event tracking and management solutions.
  • Portfolio development.

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