Professional Services

Professional Services at Cyphertree focuses on providing best-in-class consultants and professional services talent to clients across a broad range of IT technologies. A typical customer IT environment consists of various components and technologies waiting to be glued together. This requires talent with Product specific knowledge as well the he/she has to be well aware of the technicalities of diversity between components and integration between them.

Requirements and technologies change, hence quite often any organization has to upgrade their stack / technology to meet growing demand. Training the in-house IT resources is always an option but it takes time to master some of the new technologies. This is where organizations opt for professional services where in a/group-of talented consultant(s) work dedicatedly for a specific period of time to make sure the transition is smooth and without any data loss. Some of the examples could be:

  • Moving apps to cloud services like AWS, Azure, Google App Engine, Heroku, Rackspace etc.
  • Building a mobile version of WebApp, Native or Hybrid.
  • Transitioning from old legacy code to a new technology stack
  • Building new components of client’s software system which should be integrated with the existing systems.
  • Application codebase review, Product requirments consulting, Project management consulting

What do we provide

Cyphertree talent can help a client’s business grow by adding a great value in the beginning and will also impart knowlege to their IT resources about each and every detail of integration. We proudly claim to be talented professionals in follwoing areas:

Businesses are now moving away from waterfall model of managing projects have started following agile practices and lean teams to achieve milestones in timely fashion. Setting the right expectations and rhythm between the management and development team is very important and we understand that. A lean team of experts can thrive a lot when they are allowed to work in an environment where requirements are clear. This also helps them to estimate their tasks. This is a convention that we set in every project that we work in. Without estimations things are blurry and hence we face a lot of regression between the development team and the management team. To mitigate this gap Cyphertree provides a talented project management consultant.

In just last 5 years a lot of enterprises have started moving their infrastructure from private cloud / internal servers to public cloud. A growing business requires data to be accessed between various locations and in order to achieve that enterprises have started to move their applications to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc. Cyphertree can bridge this gap and provide its expertise.

With growing requirements and new features flooding in, clients have to build components with new technologies and tools their IT resources might not be expert in. We at Cyphertree always stay on the edge of new technologies. We make sure the existing components can be easily intgrated with the new components.

Looking for Professionals to scale your existing business?